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Kostis Ntantamis profile picture

Kostis Ntantamis is a full time photographer-photojournalist, covering political and social issues in Greece, Middle East and the Balkans. His work has been published and he has worked with various print and online media-magazines and newspapers. Some of them are the Polish edition of Newsweek, magazines on feminist issues such as the Belgian “Axelle” and the French “Femmes en Resistance” as well as one of the major Belgian magazines, De Standaard, as well as the newspapers Liberation, Het Nieuwsblad and Les Echos.

A big part of his work is also on covering rallies and demonstrations for various international Agencies, the major being Sputnik – RIA Novosti, as its stringer-correspondent for Greece. He has also covered some stories for the Agence France Presse and the humanitarian news agency, IRIN, on stories of humanitarian interest. Stories concerning the Arab world, have appeared in “The New Arab” online media.

He has also co-curated and taken part in the “No Direction Home” photobook issued by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. A book-testimony, in which professional Greek photographers and photojournalists have contributed their work on the refugee and migrant crisis, from the conflict zones of Libya and Syria, to the immigrants’ entrance in Europe, their journey through the Balkans and their arrival to their final destination.

He is always trying to find ways to visit countries and places, to get to know different people and cultures and report on possible social issues and imbalances. Photography for him is not only an artistic expression, but also his way of communicating his view on society and its diversities.